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Module mounting and check

Product description


  • Mounting, adjustment and check of LCD modules for texts;
  • Mounting and simultaneous check of two different modules;
  • 150 versions of modules with short modification time;
  • Random protection of modules, in a mix of components, as well as with free replacement;
  • Manual preliminary mounting of the cap for the LCD, display module, conductible rubber, back light with LED and safety support;
  • Test in circuit, quartz adjustment, final mounting, thermal labelling of IO components, label with errors text for labelling the NIO components;
  • Cycle duration per module: 16 sec.
  • Production statistics (recording the quantities and time, recording NIO and IO components, monitoring idle time and residual quantities;
  • Permanent check of the validation;
  • Automatic and manual operation;


  • Transfer system for component supports with by-pass connection system;
  • Two workstations for manual activity ergonomically structured for the preliminary mounting of the modules and the take-over of the finished LCD modules;
  • Two insertions on components support for reducing the mounting processes;
  • Possibility for simple, yet extremely flexible configuration of the specific check plans, through the touch screen;
  • Components support provided with transponder;
  • Double nails bed adaptor, with quick change, in stations;
  • Two preliminary pressing stations for pre-tensioning the preliminary mounted module, with two locking units for the components support;
  • Intermediary check cell carried out as a double check station with Marconi – Incircuit testing system;
  • Quartz adjustment cell carried out also as a double nails bed adaptor;
  • Quartz adjustment by Labview software;
  • Triple thermal soldering cell for the final mounting of the LCD modules;
  • Thermal labelling unit for IO components by heated stamping press, with quick change and additional unlocking of the component to be processed;
  • A labels printer for each manual operation station for printing the NIO labels with error and production date text;
  • Central PLC Siemens control with Profibus interface;
  • 2 channels security equipment, with protection door monitoring and loc;
  • Decentralized EA Phönix system with Profibus coupling device;
  • Machine programming with Siemens STEP7 and, simultaneously, evaluation of the measurement results and view on the screen as tables or, optionally, as a diagram presentation;
  • Network connection through LAN for operation data recording;
  • Calibration possibility by Master;

Additional Information


Electric equipment, Plastics processing industry

Electrical engineering and software

LabVIEW, Siemens

Measuring technology

Voltage measurement, Current measurement, Resistance measurement

Products area

Manual operation workstations, Transfer systems for component supports

Testing system