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Industrie 4.0
25 Jahre Büttel und Marx


Automation is a process in the evolution of which the human activities are replaced continuously with the functions of artificial systems (automated machines, robots, computers) in order to improve the quality and reduce costs.

Evaluation of depreciation and profit

Before the technical development and completion, there is the design for the profitabilty of an automation solution.

Amortisation Diagramm

Analysis of cycles

An important criterion for the economic and technical exposure of an assemblage and testing installation is the analysis of cycles

Analysis of cycles
Electrotechnical control cabinet

The industrial automation functions only in interaction with more components.
Electrotechnique is the connector between control software and manufacturing mechanics – comparable to the human nervous system as connector between the brain and locomotive system.

Automation steps

From the point of view of the automation degree, our technical solutions and machines are corellated with your needs.

Automation steps

Other automation areas