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CE Marking

Any manufacturer of machines is obliged by law to certify the compliance with the fundamental requirements of safety and health. The law on safety of products (ProdSG), and the machinery directive (MRL 2006/42/EC) are governed by the German law.

The manufacturer and then the operator must take all necessary measures in order not to endanger the safety and health of persons. This applies both at the application (proper usage) and at all stages of life of the machine, such as transport, installation and maintenance.

The measures start already in the stage of development and construction with the risk assessment, and connected during the assembling and commissioning by the manufacturer, until the service of the machine by the user.

The engineers of the Büttel und Marx GmbH Company are trained in the spirit of the EC Machinery Directive. With the help of professional software of safety, the risk assessments, the operating instructions, the declarations of conformity and the EC markings of the machines are made internally, within the Büttel und Marx Company.