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Industrie 4.0
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The 4.0 industry

The fourth industrial revolution

The first industrial revolution took place in the 19th century, by the discovery of the steam engine.

The second industrial revolution occurred in the late 19th/ early 20th century, being accompanied by the introduction of the assembly line by Henry Ford.

The third industrial revolution has been marked by the use of control devices and computer systems, such as the programmable logic controller (SPS or PLC), towards the late 20th century.

The fourth industrial revolution, also called the industry 4.0, is the connectivity of independent production resources, situational self-guiding, and self-configuring based on knowledge, assisted by sensors and spatially distributed, including by their own systems of design and control.

We are talking about the entire digital connectivity of, for example, automatic machines, robots, storage systems and control systems. The new smart factory (Smart Factory) controls the entire performance, mostly autonomously, according to the dimensions of the lots specified in advance by the clients.

At the Büttel und Marx GmbH Company we satisfy this requirement, providing our machines with operational data management systems (BDE) and data management on machinery (MDE). Via standardized interfaces, such as Open Platform Communications (OPC) the data is exchanged between the different software systems.