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Electrotechnique and software

The brain and neurological centre of the machine

A part of the automation technique includes the project and orders. Here are included the hardware design, the construction of the control panel, the installation cabling, the software creation and activation of the automation process.

Depending on the input sizes (for example the position of a button or a sensor) the output sizes will be modified by using an actor (for example valves or engines).

The construction of distribution installations

The construction of distribution installations

The control panels are created at random sizes, from the individual component to the lot production.

Electric constructions with electric scheme

Electric constructions with electric scheme

This usual construction software allows a documentation which can be used without problems at the extensions of machines and/or modifications of machines and can be adapted – of course complying with the current norms for electric safety.



The software of the machines is created on Hard- and Soft PLCs, as well as on PCs. For this, we use orders from Siemens (S7) and Beckoff.
The PC-based software is created with LabVIEW from National Instruments and Microsoft Visual Studio.



You can receive competent assistance including after the activation carried out by us. To the fore, for this purpose, is the quick and non-bureaucratic service. We are available for you for the modification of existing installations in current products of clients.

Measuring technique diagram

Measuring technique

deals with determining the physical sizes, such as length, force, temperature, current, voltage and resistance, many times depending on time. These values are determined through special measuring devices, selected for that use case.
The registration and processing of this multitude of measuring data is carried out through IPC orders (Industry Personal Computer).

control panel for the control technique

The hardware for the measuring technique is usually integrated in a separate control panel for the control technique.

Electric safety equipment

Are redundant at assemblage, do not have errors and take over the control functions from the point of view of the safety technique, forming the interface between human and machine. This takes place under the form of protection equipment such as safety light curtains, operation with two hands, emergency stop button, etc.

Programmable logic controllers (PLC)

The programmable logic controllers (PLC) are digitally programmed and are used as individual device or modular structure (feeder, main processor, E/A cards, interface cards, actuating mechanism controller) in the control panel.

IPC orders

will be programmed with programming languages such as LabVIEW or C-Sharp. These can have extensive additional functions, such as complex visualizations, protocols and statistics (see also the paragraph Measuring technique).

Mobile touchscreen

Mobile touchscreen for a machine order

simple operation panel

Fixed, simple operation panel, for machine order

AOI systems

AOI systems
The quality of the component to be processed is evaluated with an automated optical inspection. By using an image processing system – executed with camera, lens and illumination under a darkening hood – different parameters are evaluated, such as light brightness, contrast and colour and a limit value is defined for the good/bad evaluation. The existence and correct positioning of defective components can be detected, being determined including the cracks from components. Also, it is possible to recognize the writing and symbols, as well as to determine the lengths and width.

AOI system with two high resolution cameras and double line light

AOI system with two high resolution cameras and double line light within a dark cell.