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25 Jahre Büttel und Marx

25 years – Büttel & Marx


In December 1994, both bachelors in engineering, Ulrich Büttel and Dietmar Marx, founded firstly the engineering office Büttel und Marx GbR, and in 1997 they changed the young company into a limited liability company – Büttel und Marx GmbH. During the following years, the spectrum of performances extended continuously, from machine manufacturing services to PLC machine services and to devices, complete machines and test systems with software based on interprocedural communication.

After four years of existence, in December 1998, both founders of the company purchased the Maag Flockmaschinen GmbH Company, and Ulrich Büttel took over its management. Since then the bachelors in engineering Dietmar Marx and Jochen Weber administer the Büttel und Marx GmbH Company together with the portfolio of increasing products, and the head office was moved twice in larger buildings for companies.

The employees of the Büttel und Marx Company are mainly specialists in engineering, engineers in machine manufacturing, electrical engineers. The high level programming components, PLC, the production components, such as sheet metal pieces, milled pieces and swivel pieces, based on drawings and technical specifications of the Büttel und Marx Company, are purchased from external specialized companies. The electrical panels are assembled both internally, and purchased from external companies specialized in electrics. The final assembling and commissioning of the machines is made exclusively within the Büttel und Marx Company.