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Industrie 4.0
25 Jahre Büttel und Marx

Büttel und Marx GmbH company builds special machines for the automation of industrial production processes such as assemblage stations, inscription units, testing equipment, measurement stations and makes available components.

Our strong points and your advantage: Büttel und Marx machines are completely made at its headquarters. Besides the mechanical construction, all electrotechnical and necessary software components are developed by own qualified personnel.

We offer our clients innovative and economic solutions, based on EC Machine Directive and normal provisions of industry.

Our clients are predominantly

  • The automotive industry and the industry of providers for automobiles
  • Theindustry of electrical and household appliances
  • The metallurgic industry
  • The industry of plastics processing
  • The industry of machine construction
  • The industry of medical technique

The certification of our company according to ISO 9001:2015 is the expression and guarantee of the excellent quality of our products.

A big advantage

Büttel und Marx develop smart solutions of complete automation at its own headquarters.

»If every tool could perform on order or from its own initiative the work suitable to it, then there would no longer be necessary apprentices for the craftsman workers and slaves for masters«

  • Aristotel
  • (384 – 322 BC)
Smart solutions of complete automation