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When you control the use of the equipment, we consider that we did our job

A professional working equipment or a production line maintained accordingly ensures the optimal amortisation of your investment. We, as producer, offer to our customers various service packs, as follows:


You have access to our Hotline directly at the telephone number +49-7123-9446-0. You can contact us also through our E-Mail

Technical interventions at the premises

If an error can be solved only at the premises, we will send, in the shortest amount of time possible, a technician to you – regardless of your location.


For all your equipment and small size machines we offer technical repairs in service. You send us your equipment or your machine, we make the necessary works and, subsequently, we return your small size machine or your equipment back to you.

Machines maintenance and Check-up

We offer maintenance contracts for complete lines, but also for individual machines. A check-up of the machine, carried out by the technician, falls within the requested maintenance and repairs program.

Production lines – remote supervision

For the production lines mounted by us, we provide remote supervision modules.

Training and schooling

We offer technical schooling for your employees, depending on your preferences, at your premises or before delivery, right in our factory.


In case of complex machines or production lines, we offer support information for the beginners in production, until the first maintenance revision.