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Exit gas commutation system (NO2 profile measurement)

Product description


  • Automatic gases take-over through probes;
  • Use of 2 gas analyzers;
  • Automatic recording of up to 72 measurement points for flue-gas;
  • Automatic determination and recording of the carbon monoxide profile, nitrogen monoxide profile, nitrogen dioxide profile and oxygen profile on the transversal surface of the flue-gas channel;
  • Integrating a rinse circuit for the measuring equipment, which will use the air from the surrounding environment;
  • Temperature range up to 40°C;
  • Permanent check of the validation;
  • Automatic and manual operation


  • Inserting up to 2 flue-gas analyzers with 4 measuring circuits each (4 entries for measuring the O2, NO, NO2 and CO);
  • Using up to 3 commutation systems for gas with 24 valves each, mounted in hard cases to capture up to 72 measuring points, using 1 up to max. 2 analyzers;
  • Corrosion resistant execution of the reversing valve, in case of exposure to SO2 and dust particles;
  • Using the vacuum pumps with membrane, resistant to corrosion and gas, for the preliminary evacuation of gases in the pipe (= reducing the measuring time);
  • Using a mobile hard case for the electric control;
  • Cart for the simple transport of the entire measuring equipment;
  • EA Beckhoff system with EtherCat bus coupler and PC;
  • Valves control and recording the measurement values by Beckhoff TCP/IP,
  • Programming the machine with Microsoft Visual Studio and, simultaneously, evaluating the measurement results and view on the screen as tables or, optionally, as a 2D or 3D diagram presentation;
  • Building the measuring program and configuring on the PC, indicating the number of measuring circuits and the activation of individual measuring points, including the activation of the individual analyzers;
  • Network connection through LAN to record the operation data;

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