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25 Jahre Büttel und Marx

Completely automatic take-over and production of injection moulded components

Product description


  • After the injection moulding process, the components to be processed must be taken out of the injection moulding instrument and allocated to another production process;
  • Take out pairs of components from the injection moulding instrument;
  • Mount the sealing ring;
  • Separation of the conducting tracks;
  • 100% check of the injection moulded components;
  • Checking the insulation resistance;
  • Checking the transit resistance of all conducting tracks;
  • Checking the oscillating circuits of the contact pins;
  • Checking the fittings and the contact areas with images processing system;
  • Labelling the tested samples with I.O result
  • Cleaning the components to be processed;
  • Packing the injection moulded components;
  • Cycle duration: 13 sec.;
  • Handling and error analysis for NIO components;
  • Start, discharge, adjustment, automatic operation, idle running, retouching and manual operation


  • Completely automated robot cell with double suction cup gripper;
  • Sealing ring mounting station with vibration sorting transport, image taking system for checking the tightness, discharge station for NIO fittings and Pick&Place unit with suction cup gripper;
  • Punch with the instrument on the separation of the tracks with circuits;
  • Testing station with 100% checking by Adaptronic compact testing machine.
  • AOI with image caption system to check the contact areas;
  • Insertion pin for checking the oscillating circuit;
  • i.O pneumatic labelling unit;
  • Cleaning station with ionizing air including aspiration;
  • Portal with double suction cup arm for stacking the moulding components by i.O injection into the blister;
  • Magazine for blister
  • 2 channels security equipment, with protection door monitoring and lock
  • The n.i.O components shall be automatically discharged by conveyor belts monitored with n.i.O sensors and n.i.O slipping systems
  • Checking the n.i.O component handling by master at the beginning of the shift;
  • Recording the operation data from the production process, including the detailed analysis of NIO errors with Labview;
  • Siemens touch panel and PLC control with Profinet;
  • Programming the machine through Siemens S7;
  • HMI with WinCCflexible;

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Automotive, Plastics processing industry, Metallurgical industry

Electrical engineering and software

Fanuc, LabVIEW, Siemens

Measuring technology

AOI Systems, High voltage measurement, Resistance measurement

Products area

Manual handling systems, Manual operation workstations, Equipment

Testing system