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Verification of pneumatic suspension units’ tightness

Product description


  • After assembling the pneumatic suspension units, they should be checked for completeness and tightness;
  • Checking the under-pressure;
  • Leak rate 5 cm³/min
  • 60 sec. cadence duration/sample piece;
  • »OK« marking of the checked sample pieces
  • Option for other variants;
  • Compact and mobile execution;
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of the piece that is not OK by the service personnel;
  • Automatic and manual operation.


  • Frame whose height is adjustable, with the lighting of the workplace and integrated control panel;
  • Acknowledgement of the sample piece for two variants of sample pieces;
  • The sample piece is fixed by using the pneumatic tightening device;
  • Checking by the viewing system that the parts are complete;
  • The leak test device is integrated into the frame;
  • JW Fröhlich leak testing device;
  • Safety device with 2 surveillance channels of the final position of the pneumatic linear units;
  • Pneumatic safety control;
  • The parts that are not OK are unblocked for removal only after the confirmation by the person serving it;
  • »OK« pneumatic marking with the lathe spike
  • Possibility of calibration using the main sample piece;
  • Siemens Touchpanel and SPS control with Profibus interface
  • Programming of machines with Siemens S7.

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