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25 Jahre Büttel und Marx

Verification and laser inscription of on-load switches

Product description


  • Different variants of operation panels must be electrically and mechanically verified and then provided with a label.
  • Simultaneous verification of two on-load switches;
  • Verification of pipe functioning;
  • Recognition of symbols on on-load switches;
  • Automated evacuation of verification station;
  • Automated and manual operation;


  • Fourfold rotary transfer automatic machine with emplacement station;
  • Sample adaptor with quick change for the integration of different variants;
  • Double pneumatic contact unit for the electric connection of electric couplings of on-load switch with the verification device;
  • Pneumatic operation device for operating the control button;
  • Automated verification of functioning (verification of resistance, insulation and grounding);
  • Image processing system with darkening cover, camera support with precision adjustment in X-Y-Z, external illumination and high resolution industrial cameras;
  • Robot with portal axis fitted out as portal with 2D lines with double grabber embedded, with folding unit;
  • Laser inscription system integrated in a laser camera with connected suction;
  • Evacuation of on-load switches through conveyer bands, namely “NÎO” slots
  • Safety equipment with monitoring of protection door and bolt;
  • EA Beckhoff system with bus coupler and industrial PC;
  • Machine programming with Labview and the simultaneous evaluation of results of measurements and visualization on the screen under the form of tables or optionally as diagram presentation;
  • Creation of testing programme and selection of samples;
  • Network connection through LAN for the registration of operation data;

Additional Information


Automotive, Electric equipment, Plastics processing industry

Electrical engineering and software

Beckhoff, LabVIEW, MS Visual Studio

Measuring technology

AOI Systems, Power - track measurement, Voltage measurement, Current measurement, Resistance measurement

Products area

Manual operation workstations, Rotary transfer automatic machines

Testing system