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Operation checking through doors actuators Operation checking through doors actuators

Product description


  • Testing possibility for AC rotary actuators
  • Measured Master component reference check, right after the control start
  • Safety electric monitoring according to DIN EN 60335-1 with 2.5 kV DC
  • Checking the operation of the actuator by determining the opening moments, closing moments, efficiency, insertion angle and closing time
  • Adjustable, variable entry cycles, without loading the sample
  • Loading the sample backwards, with max. 1.5 kN
  • Cycle duration: max. 3.5 minutes
  • Adjusting the hardware level through Flash memory
  • Printer for labels, for editing the IO or NIO labels
  • Confirmation of NIO component by the operating staff
  • Recording in the protocol and archiving of the various process data
  • Automatic and manual operation


  • Mounted testing booth, with electric insulation
  • Sample support, with pneumatic fixing device
  • Axle with multiple teeth fixed on sliding axial coupler, pneumatically operated, with task (generating the rotation moment by the electric motor) for accelerating the sample, it can be disconnected through the electromagnetic coupler
  • High voltage tester for checking the high voltage and the protection conductors resistance
  • 2 channels security equipment, with protection door monitoring and lock
  • Manual electric contact
  • 2 pneumatic, high voltage electric contact units
  • Measurement of the rotation moment, angle and revolution using the sensors
  • Current measurement
  • Running time measurement
  • Printing the NIO labels with error and data code
  • Printing the IO labels with company logo, sample name, connection duration, allowable environment temperature, protection type and serial number
  • EA Beckhoff system with bus coupler and industrial PC;
  • Machine programming with Labview and, simultaneously, evaluation of the measurement results and view on the screen as tables or, optionally, as a diagram presentation;
  • Archiving the processing data through ODBC interface

Additional Information


Electric equipment, Plastics processing industry, Metallurgical industry

Electrical engineering and software

Beckhoff, LabVIEW

Measuring technology

Rotation moment measurement, High voltage measurement, Current measurement

Products area

Manual operation workstations, Manual operation workstations

Testing system