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Fully automated inscription using the label printer

Product description


  • Labels must be applied fully automatically on surfaces with free shapes of engines;
  • The engines will be transported on the existing supports of components;
  • The engines must be turned over and lifted for labelling;
  • Automated functioning;


  • Labelling cell;
  • Printer with labels with vacuum applicator and pressing unit;
  • Inversion station before and after labelling;
  • The label will be taken over by the grabber of vacuum suction;
  • Application through more pneumatic cylinders;
  • Arbour-bearing support with quick change for different variants;
  • Safety equipment with monitoring of protection door;
  • EA Beckhoff system with bus EtherCat coupler, Siemenes PLC;
  • Network connection through LAN for the registration of operation data;

Additional Information


Automotive, Electric equipment, Plastics processing industry, Metallurgical industry

Electrical engineering and software

Beckhoff, Siemens

Measuring technology

Products area

Transfer systems for component supports

Testing system