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25 Jahre Büttel und Marx

EOLT for double switch

Product description


  • The double switches relevant for safety must be electrically and mechanically checked.
  • Fully automatic measurement of the functions and the track – power of the double switch;
  • Automatic and manual operation;
  • Automatic labelling for i.O.


  • Manual check workstation with drawer mechanics;
  • Contact and pneumatic fixing unit for the electrical connection of the electric connectors of the double switch with the checking device;
  • Automatic check of the operation (checking the resistance using the 4 conductors technique, as well as power – track measurement and commutation time measurement) through the servomotor, for the sample confirmation;
  • IO thermal labelling unit by hot stamping with fast replacement capacity;
  • PLC Siemens central control with operating panel;
  • Programming the machine through Siemens STEP7
  • Connection to the MQIS database system of the customer;
  • Calibration possibility through Master

Additional Information


Automotive, Electric equipment, Plastics processing industry, Metallurgical industry

Electrical engineering and software


Measuring technology

Power - track measurement, Resistance measurement

Products area

Manual operation workstations, Manual operation workstations

Testing system