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End of Line Test for E-Bike actuators

Product description


  • After mounting the E-Bike actuators, their operation must be checked;
  • 4 sampling versions
  • Revolution range between 1 and 254 1/min
  • Recording the current consumption for main current and control current, measuring the voltage, revolution and rotation moment (nominal and real value), temperature
  • Work machine with rotation moment adjustment
  • Cycle duration: 120 seconds;
  • Permanent check of the validation;
  • Automatic and manual operation;
  • Recording in the protocol and archiving of the various process data


  • Check cell with door with wing and check glass;
  • Air cooled magnetic powder break as sample batch;
  • Manual quick fixing unit for samples;
  • Manual electric connection unit for samples;
  • 2 channels security equipment, with protection door monitoring and lock, safe monitoring of the revolutions integrated in the safety circuit
  • Sensor for the rotation moment with integrated transducer for revolution
  • EA system from National Instruments Company with Industrial PC;
  • Machine programming with Labview and, simultaneously, evaluation of the measurement results and view on the screen as tables or, optionally, as a diagram presentation;
  • Testing program building and samples selection at Industrial PC
  • Network connection through LAN for operation data recording;
  • Calibration possibility by test weights.
  • Power feeder for feeding the samples

Additional Information


E-Mobility, Electric equipment, Metallurgical industry, Ecology

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Rotation moment measurement, Voltage measurement, Current measurement

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