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Checking the operation for linear actuators

Product description


  • Check possibility for AC and DC actuators
  • Measured Master component reference check, right after the control start
  • Safety electric monitoring according to DIN EN 60335-1
  • Checking the operation of the linear actuator;
  • Adjustable, variable entry cycles, without loading the sample
  • Loading the sample backwards, with max. 1.5 kN
  • Cycle duration: max. 5 minutes per verification cycle
  • Printer for labels, for editing the IO or NIO labels
  • Confirmation of NIO component by the operating staff
  • Archiving the processing data through LAN interface
  • Automatic and manual operation


  • Electrically insulated testing booth for samples and quick change contact
  • Clincher with lock on the linear guide with pneumatic load for feeding the samples
  • Track measuring and proportional pneumatic valve for sealing the sample depending on the position
  • Electric rotary unit for adjusting the length of the sample travel
  • AC/DC contacts with quick change
  • 2 channels security equipment, with protection door monitoring and lock
  • AC and DC current measuring
  • Running time measuring
  • Printing the NIO labels with error and data code
  • Printing the IO labels with company logo, sample name, connection duration, allowable environment temperature, protection type and serial number
  • Siemens touch panel and PLC control with MPI interface
  • Programming the machine through Siemens S7;
  • Archiving the processing data stored in the PLC through an MPI/Ethernet adapter with an adequate software solution
  • Networks administration

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