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Checking the lifetime of the electrical devices for blocking the steering wheel

Product description


  • Checking criteria: In conditions of variable temperature intervals and also variable load intervals at the closing lock, considering the measurement technique, the rotation moment, current, voltage and resistance must be recorded depending on the adjustable testing time and the various testing cycles.
  • Simultaneous checking of six steering wheel locking devices.
  • Rotation moment at the closing lock up to 210 Nm
  • 2 sample versions;
  • Temperature interval between -40°C and 80°C;
  • Air humidity between 0% and 90%
  • Recording the temperature, rotation moment, angle, current and voltage
  • Permanent check of the validation;
  • Automatic and manual operation


  • Manually adjustable testing mechanics at the temperature panel
  • The operation without a temperature panel is possible;
  • Synchronous motor revolution controller, operating axle and fixing adaptor specific to the samples;
  • Building the temperature panel with a board with insulating flange, as well as components of the actorial system with low thermal conductivity;
  • Sensor for the rotation moment with integrated angle rotary transducer
  • Order and evaluation by the customer, possibility of alternative performance by Büttelund Marx, as follows:
  • EA Beckhoff system with bus coupler and industrial PC;
  • Machine programming with Labview and, simultaneously, evaluation of the measurement results and view on the screen as tables or, optionally, as a diagram presentation;
  • Testing program building and samples selection at IPC
  • Network connection through LAN for operation data recording.

Additional Information


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Rotation moment measurement, Voltage measurement, Current measurement, Resistance measurement

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