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Checking and labelling the operation panels

Product description


  • The various types of panels must be electrically and mechanically verified and than labelled.
  • Functions check and hectic check of the operation panel by the operator;
  • Recognising the symbols on the operating panels;
  • Automatic and manual operation;


  • Manual check workstation with lifting doors mechanism;
  • Pneumatic contact unit for the electrical connection of the electric connectors of the operating fields with the checking device;
  • Automatic check of the operation;
  • Cameras station with darkening hood, camera support with X-Y-Z precision adjustment, externally illuminated and high resolution industrial cameras;
  • System integrated printer for labels with applicator;
  • Labelling the checked components by a making system;
  • Beckhoff-EA system;

Additional Information


Automotive, Electric equipment, Plastics processing industry, Metallurgical industry

Electrical engineering and software

Beckhoff, LabVIEW

Measuring technology

AOI Systems, Voltage measurement, Current measurement, Resistance measurement

Products area

Manual operation workstations, Manual operation workstations

Testing system