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Industrie 4.0
25 Jahre Büttel und Marx

Assembly line for automatic assembly of cabinets

Product description


  • Automatic assembly of cabinets
  • 3 options of work pieces
  • 35 seconds for the production rhythm of the work piece
  • Resistance verification
  • Verification if the assembly is complete
  • Marking in order of tested pieces
  • Automatic operation;


  • 5 automatic workplaces with Kanban shelves
  • Automatic joining devices for cases, conductive boards and covers
  • Automatic screw station with supervision of the spinning time and screw depth, as well as the complete automated supply of screws
  • 2 pieces of automatic assembly stations of the hood for 2 different options of work pieces
  • Hybrid assembly and verification device for cases, conductive boards and covers with automated joining device, one integrated electric contact unit for resistance verification, as well as an automated adequate marking through the cold impression unit
  • Safety device with 2 channels with safety verification and conformity
  • After automatic validation, the pieces which are not in order are stored in a sensor-monitored shelf for incompliant pieces
  • Options of SPS work pieces of a reception administration
  • Touch-screen panel and SPS order with Profibus Interface

Additional Information


Plastics processing industry, Metallurgical industry

Electrical engineering and software


Measuring technology

AOI Systems, Rotation angle measurement

Products area

Manual operation workstations, Rotary transfer automatic machines, Equipment

Testing system